Friday, 3 March 2017

Top Selling Scooters in May, 2017

Indian two-wheeler market, which can be considered as an ocean of opportunities for not only the domestic but also the international auto majors in the country, is witnessing improvement day by day. Within a few years duration, we have not only seen the introduction of new, powerful and premium motorbikes but also the inclusion of upmarket expensive scooters with powerful engines and cutting edge technologies. Conclusively, we can say scooter segment is also enhancing their market share in the Indian biking industry parallel to the motorcycles. We did not say this but it's proved by the increasing scooter sales every month. Here we are providing a ranked list of top 10 scooters on the basis of YoY sales in the country.

The Honda Activa is a most popular scooter from the prominent Japanese giant two-wheeler producer. In the automatic scooters segment, it is an unchallenged leader and on the same first position from a long time. Last month, with a stupendous sale of 10,420 units every day, the largest selling scooter brand get easily managed to dispatch a total of 2,82,478 units, which is 19.03 percent more than the retailed 232,317 units in the corresponding month last year. Compared to the India's top-selling motorcycle brand-Hero Splendor, Honda Activa is far stronger in terms of sales.

The next in the queue is the TVS Jupiter from the Chennai-based auto major. With the picking up demand every day, the Jupiter was in the second position last month. The total 57,068 units, which have been sold of this 110cc TVS Jupiter was 30.09 percent more on the disposed of 43,867 units the similar month in 2016. With the increase in TVS Jupiter sales, the TVS Motors has now become the second largest player in the Indian scooter segment, by letting Hero MotoCorp behind with a slight margin in FY 2016-17.

Honda Dio, an another contestant from the Japanese bike maker, is in third place in scooters' ranking. in May 2017, with the decomposed 41,303 units, the scooter garnered an astonishing growth of 141.55 percent in YoY sales as compared to 17,099 units sold in May 2016. the Dio got the third place in a tough competition with the Hero Maestro.

With a 39.88 percent downfall in YoY sales last month, the Hero Maestro Edge, was the next in the list at the fourth stand. In May 2017, the Maestro managed to gain 35,795 buyers as against to 25,589 customers in the corresponding month last year.

Following the Hero Maestro, the Access 125 from the Suzuki Motorcycles is on the fifth spot with the 31,895 units sales in May 2017. The collected audience is comparatively 64.49 percent more as against to YoY sales during similar month the previous year. From the Suzuki Indian lineup, the125cc Access modelis one of the popular models and a strong contender in the automatic scooters segment. The scooter has already tasted consistent success since its introduction.

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The sixth in the row is an 113cc lifestyle scooter from Yamaha, the Fascino. Last month this year, the scooter gets 21,479 units sales, which is a drop of 0.58 percent in YoY sales as compared to the disposed units similar month last year. 

Yamaha Ray is also an 113cc scooter from the same Japanese automaker and gets placed at seventh place. With overall sales of 15,442 units, the scooter witnessed a hike of 78.21 percent in YoY sales as against to similar month last year. 

Hero Duet is the second scooter offering from the Hero MotoCorp, which got placed in top scooter sales list and ranked at eight place. The company manages to sale 14,817 units of the same in May 2017. The next in the row is also from Hero MotoCorp. The Hero Pleasure ranked ninth with the recorded sales figures of 13,716 units in May 2017.

Honda Aviator which is the brother of leading contender Honda Activa is on the tenth position in this May 2017 sales report. The Honda sold only 11,686 units during last month. While, in the same month last year, the Aviator was in eight position.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Topmost off road KTM Motorbikes in India

KTM is the best sports, bikes manufacturer from Austria and established in the year 1934. Founder of this company is Hans Trunkenpolz. This company is best in the sports area and it is often called by off road bikes as well. Soon they decided to manufacture a street bike also. KTM Duke is a first bike which is shown in the market. It will be coming into the Indian market in the year 2012. KTM is having a one model around us which is a KTM Duke.

ktm motorbikes

Its two new range of bikes is: 

KTM Duke 200KTM launches a new bike that is 200 Duke with a unique power and sporty appearance. Its cost price is approx Rs. 1,43,000 and its specification are as follows:

a) It is a 200cc bike
b) Its maximum power is 22Bhp
c) It has 6 gears
d) Its weight is only 125 kg
e) It has 3 shades (Black, Orange, White)
f) Its fuel consumption in city and highway is 30 and 35

KTM 390 DUKE ABSKTM is having one more launch that is 390 Duke ABS. It has an attractive look and mind blowing features with a cost of Rs. 1,95,000 only. Its more specifications are:

a) It is a 390 cc bike
b) Its maximum power is 44 Bhp
c) It has 6 gears
d) Its weight is only 139 kg
e) It has 3 shades (Black, Orange, White)
f) Its fuel consumption in the city is 20 KMPL