Friday, 3 March 2017

Top Selling Scooters in February, 2017

The Indian two-wheeler market is growing day by day, all the major automobile manufacturers companies are creating the best sales record. We make a post about top selling scooters in the month of February 2017, which are mentioned here according to their sales record and their popularity.

The Indian two-wheeler market has a special place for the Honda Activa scooter. It’s the largest-selling Honda's product, the Activa continuously creating a new and better record from competitors in the same segment. Cumulative sales of Honda Activa is 2,17,098 units in February 2017. The reason of Activa's resale value, engine and loading capacity are the best from other scooters.

TVS Jupiter stood on the second position with 51,817 units in the list of best selling scooter in India. It comes with modern features and best mileage on any road conditions. Recently, the TVS has unveiled a new limited version of Jupiter, called Jupiter Million R limited edition in single purple color with 10 extra superb features.

Hero Maestro Edge, which is one of the best selling scooters in the Indian biking Industry. Last month, the Company managed to retail a total of 32,421 units across the country, owing to which, the scooter witnesses an improvement in scooter ranking from 5th to 3rd position. With the equipped promising suspension setup that comprises conventional telescopic forks at the front and a mono-shock at the rear end, the scooter offers a dynamic balancing power while cruising.

Suzuki’s popular 125cc Access model sold 26,795 units in February 2017 because of Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP) technology. The Suzuki vehicles have always been known for best technology and awesome mileage so the is the reason behind its 4th position.

Here something surprise for all brands of scooters just because Yamaha creates the best record to got 5th rank, last month Yamaha, in the end, created a little space for Fascino but now. This scooter sold 22,287 units in the month of February 2017. Yamaha Facino comes with eye-catching colors it's mirror's candy shape give it so cool look

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On the sixth rank stood Honda Dio. According to 2017 January sales report, Dio stood on the 4th rank, but now the month of February this scooter little bit got down and arrived on 6th rank after Yamaha Facino with 21,463 units of February 2017. Dio's 110cc engine and sporty logo give a trendy look instead other scooters.

After 6 best selling scooter now we talk about the 7th rank, Hero Duet. this Hero's  model month by month decrease its sales units so its stood as the 7th rank with 18,353 units last month. In addition, the strong styling front cowl along with V-shaped headlight make it more trendy than before.

At the end, Yamaha created a little space for Ray. This scooter stood on 8th position, this scooter sold unit 17,289 units. This scooter gets a sporty look which boys mostly preferred.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Topmost off road KTM Motorbikes in India

KTM is the best sports, bikes manufacturer from Austria and established in the year 1934. Founder of this company is Hans Trunkenpolz. This company is best in the sports area and it is often called by off road bikes as well. Soon they decided to manufacture a street bike also. KTM Duke is a first bike which is shown in the market. It will be coming into the Indian market in the year 2012. KTM is having a one model around us which is a KTM Duke.

ktm motorbikes

Its two new range of bikes is: 

KTM Duke 200KTM launches a new bike that is 200 Duke with a unique power and sporty appearance. Its cost price is approx Rs. 1,43,000 and its specification are as follows:

a) It is a 200cc bike
b) Its maximum power is 22Bhp
c) It has 6 gears
d) Its weight is only 125 kg
e) It has 3 shades (Black, Orange, White)
f) Its fuel consumption in city and highway is 30 and 35

KTM 390 DUKE ABSKTM is having one more launch that is 390 Duke ABS. It has an attractive look and mind blowing features with a cost of Rs. 1,95,000 only. Its more specifications are:

a) It is a 390 cc bike
b) Its maximum power is 44 Bhp
c) It has 6 gears
d) Its weight is only 139 kg
e) It has 3 shades (Black, Orange, White)
f) Its fuel consumption in the city is 20 KMPL