Monday, 16 June 2014

How to sell a bike, learned by Suzuki Motor Corporation

Business, the word itself derives its meaning i.e. providing goods and services to consumers by switching money, goods or services and gives profit to firm. Suzuki a multinational automobile company. Its main production fields are automobiles and motorcycles.
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Now we are giving some business examples in front of you about Suzuki:-

1. Suzuki Hayate is a comfortable and stylish bike with attractive color shades. It has a powerful engine which gives more mileage at less expenditure. Suzuki Hayate has two variants first one is with Kick Start and one with self Start. All the features are same except self or kick, by this small change company earn 21,00 per bike.

 Next product comes to market with both self and kick with some minor difference like engine Torque, Chassis Type, Weight less than other two, and fuel consumption on city road and highway are 50 & 70 respectively. The product launched at price Rs. 46,343 in b/w of both self and kick-start. 

suzuki slingshot plus2. Suzuki Slingshot Plus, nice styling and body graphics provides it an appealing look. It has a fuel economy engine which is self or kick-started. The Gear box was designed while considering traffic problem. It occurred with Four different imposing colors.

Regarding safety, the company equipped rear drum and front disc brakes. The company launches two bikes with different name Suzuki Slingshot Plus SEU and Suzuki Slingshot Plus SCD. Besides the pricing of these two bikes, there is no other difference.

3. Suzuki GSX is a sports bike which gives you luxury and comfort feeling while riding, its high grip leather seat provides fixture to riders. GSX comes with two different color combinations that is blue/white and black/silver.

It is a successor of Suzuki GSX-R1000 and Suzuki GSX R1000Z. There are only some differences like inappreciable change in engine power, clutch, Electrical System and color. Price difference b/w both bikes is Rs. 50,000. View more:

Above all examples are enough to realize that we can sell our product by slightly varying our products to make it a brand new. So we can do well Business by these examples and improve our products.

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